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Category: ANSI Z136 Clarifications and Interpretations

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  Explanation: Selling Eyewear in the US, Testing Requirements 
Description: Explanation of position of SSC-7 regarding selling of laser protective eyewear in US and testing of OD. Revised 01-2018 to comply with ANSI naming conventions.
Version: 2009-08-12 Filesize: 63 bytes
Added on: 29-Jan-2018 Downloads: 12
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  Interpretation of Z136.1-2014 Section (Laser Barriers) 
Description: Interpretation of barrier requirements, including labeling and testing of barriers manufactured in-house. Also clarifies barriers as opposed to beam blocks. (Modified 01-18 to conform to committee naming conventions specified by ANSI).
Version: 20170526 Filesize: 351 bytes
Added on: 26-May-2017 Downloads: 100
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Retinal Irradiance Relationship to Standards 
Description: A summary of radiometric calculations for converting cornea irradiance to retinal irradiance and relationship to exposure limits. Updated 01-2018 to reflect ASC Z136 naming conventions.
Version: 20170509 Filesize: 117.19 Kb
Added on: 15-May-2017 Downloads: 105
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Explanation (Z136.8) Regarding Danger vs Warning Signs 
Description: Question regarding ANSI Z136.8. At It seems to say unattended 3B and 4 laser operations require a "danger" sign. However, at 4.2.7 it seems to indicate that a "warning" sign is what would be required. (Modified 01-18 to reflect ANSI committee naming guidance).
Version: 03102017 Filesize: 29.30 Kb
Added on: 14-Mar-2017 Downloads: 143
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Explanation: Interlocks and Shutters in Hazard Zones 
Description: Does this (laser) area warning system only need to interlock with the laser power supply or beam shutter upon entry in the zone or does it also need to prevent the laser to be restarted if someone is still present in the zone (by another person outside the zone for example).
Version: Filesize: 0 bytes
Added on: 06-Dec-2016 Downloads: 222
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Interpretation - Z136.7 Compliance 
Description: Is compliance with the ANSI Z136.7 required by an accredited lab or is a self- certification process acceptable? (Updated 01-18 to conform to ANSI naming conventions for committees).
Version: 02292016 Filesize: 270 bytes
Added on: 14-Apr-2016 Downloads: 277
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  ANSI Z136.1 Key Control for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers 
Description: Explanation regarding ANSI Z136.1 Key Control for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers and text of paragraph of the Z136.1-2014 American National Standard for Safe Use of Lasers. (Revised 01-18 to reflect ANSI guidance on committee name).
Version: 2016-10-10 Filesize: 20 bytes
Added on: 11-Oct-2016 Downloads: 301
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Explanation of Classification -- Class 1 vs Class 2 for Visible 
Description: Explanation of Classification Based on Class 1 instead of Class 2 for Visible Wavelength Pulses (Example 18 from Z136.1-2014). (Revised 01-18 to reflect ANSI committee naming guidance.)
Version: Filesize: 122 bytes
Added on: 17-Aug-2015 Downloads: 359
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Clarification: Posting of Signage  Popular
Description: Clarification of Z136.1 requirement for NOTICE sign posted outside a Temporary LCA for Class 3B and Class 4 lasers
Version: Aug 2013 Filesize: 80 bytes
Added on: 13-Aug-2013 Downloads: 850
HomePage | Rate Resource | Report Broken Link | Details

  Interpretation:, Visible Warning Devices  Popular
Description: nterpretation of Z136.1-2007 Standard regarding Visible Warning Devices. The interpretation discusses signage and manual vs automatic warning lights.
Version: 20090921 Filesize: 54.10 Kb
Added on: 16-Mar-2010 Downloads: 1162
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